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Sunday, August 03, 2003
WaTchers: Virtual Buffy Spinoff Series

When a brilliant show ends, sometimes the ideas keep flowing. When a show with, literally, millions of online fans and fan writers ends, it just has to keep going. So, as Buffy: The Vampire Slayer ends (or will end in Australia on August 12th), the legacy continues. Enter WaTchers, a Virtual Spin Off, described thus:
Now some folks have asked if this is a 'real series'. Well...no. Our goal, however, is to come as close as we can to an actual spin-off. In fact, some people want to know where they can 'watch' the new series because they've seen our 'spoiler' pictures and feel it MUST be real. That's a wonderful testament to our talented graphic artists here at Watchers. Aside from pictures, we've got some great sound people who will be giving you clips to compliment the dialog that our staff of talented writers create. Another goal this season is to push the envelope in terms of writing, making readers think on a deeper level and perhaps even educating folks now and then. At least we hope so. It all won't be pretty. It all won't be tragedy. Like life, we want WaTchers to fall somewhere in between.
Here we have a group of dedicated fans bringing Giles, Willow, Kennedy, Faith, Andrew, Robin Wood and new young female Watcher together to do battle on the Cleveland, Ohio Hellmouth. The first episode will be posted September 23rd, called "Something Ventured, Something Gained". I've got to say, I think this one looks promising ...


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