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Sunday, August 10, 2003
Terminal Politics meets The Very, Very Silly Party!

I had thought that the Californian "recall" election had peaked in its silliness with Arnie for govenor (thus called since it isn't actually time for a new election, but there has been sufficient pressure to try and recall the current govenor Gray Davis, since he's sent the state into an increasing debt nosedive since taking office). However, with the deadline for nominations expiring yesterday, there were some other corkers in this virtual election. The New York Times reports:
There was the 100-year-old woman from Long Beach who was sponsored by the 99-cent store chain; the busty pornographic film star; the cross-dresser in pink; the soul food restaurateur; the angry car salesman; the techno geek; the student too young for whiskers; and the structural engineer worried about earthquakes. "I am out for the show," said Onora Ukaeje, a United Parcel Service worker who arrived in Norwalk two hours before the doors opened to stake out a spot on the concrete stairs. ... One new candidate, the pornographic film actress, Mary Carey, 23, is running in her first race since winning her second-grade vice presidency. She fielded questions in Los Angeles today about the dignity of the governor's office. "This is America," Ms. Carey said. "I am just as dignified as Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I can speak English."
Monty Python, eat your heart out!


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