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Tuesday, August 05, 2003
All Things Dan Simmons ...

Illium is coming! That's right, Dan Simmons first foray back into science fiction since he finished Rise of Endymion and completed the Hyperion Cantos will be with us shortly. Not quite sure how long, but the US release was late July, so I trust Australia won't be too far behind (any more than a couple of months and I'll be in a specialty bookshop ordering a US copy, I fear!). The plot centres, oddly enough, on the Trojan War (Ilium being the traditional name for Troy). Apparently, though, there are observers to the Trojan War: 20th century observers. And who are they observing for? Why those beings that the Ancient Greeks hailed as their Gods ... but are they really Gods? (Hint: it is science fiction, not fantasy!). Can't wait to see what Zeus is getting up to! :)

In slightly more disturbing news, AICN reports that the film rights to the Hyperion Cantos have been purchased and the latest rumour is that Martin Scorsese wants to direct it as a trilogy with Leonardo DiCaprio as Raul and the centre of the trilogy being Raul and Aenea's romance. This, apparently, would also involve Raul somehow being on the Shrike Pilgrimage. To this I say NO. NO and f**king NO. *sigh* I sometimes think that the Hyperion books have become my new favourite series: I've re-read the four of them at least five times each and I just dread them being mucked with by Hollywood. Scorsese perhaps I could deal with. But not Leo! Please!


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