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Monday, August 18, 2003
TV makes you think critically!

The Independent reports, TV ain't all bad:
Some police officers are so incompetent that viewers of detective dramas such as Inspector Morse and The Bill have more chance of solving crimes, one of the most senior chief constables said yesterday.
Are people learning from the media?! Or are UK cops just really, really bad? :)

Mary Carey Terminates Arnie for Govenor??

Okay, I'm, as the Scoobies might say, having a wigguns! According to the wonderfully intrusive Blogpatrol Webstats that I get, 28 people have hit this blog in the last week looking for "Mary Carey Govenor"! Why, oh why, is everyone looking for a former porn star to govern the virtual state? I mean, critics like Baudriallard and Virillio would probably do the "I told you so dance", but surely it'll never happen! Oh, and if, dear reader, you're searching for pictures of said candidate, I'm afraid you'll be leaving disappointed. No porn here!


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