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Thursday, August 14, 2003
George "Dubya, Action Man" Bush

This is just too silly to paraphrase! News.com.au reports:
He works out before dawn. He outruns his staff in the 38C Texan heat and he flew out to an aircraft carrier to declare the end of the Saddam Hussein dictatorship. Now George W. Bush, the action-man US President, has inspired an action man doll. Blue Box Toys has designed a precise copy, one-sixth his size, of Mr Bush alighting from a US Navy jet dressed as a pilot to announce the end of the war in Iraq and called him "Elite Force Aviator". The Hong Kong company's US distributor, KB Toys, has been inundated with demands for the image of Mr Bush after he landed on USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1.The firm has also received complaints from opponents of the war and war veterans, who believe the US leader does not meet the criteria for a military hero, citing the fact that he did not serve in Vietnam but rather in the Texas Air National Guard. "We don't condone or condemn any political figure," Lauri Aibel, of KB Toys, said. "What we won't do is capitalise on the bad guys." The company does not make images of Hussein, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden or former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.
At least the reporter has a sense or irony!

Thanks to Mazzy for the article pointer.


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