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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Angelic Spoilers

The Comics Continuum website has posted a number of images from the season premiere episode for season five Angel. But, be warned, for those wishing to avoid all things spoilerific, don't click here. There are two new faces in the cast which will, well, definitely give away some of the new direction of Angel !

Parents Against TV, and Angel in Particular!

The uber-conservative Parents Television Council in the US, has this little snippet to say in a recent 'e-alert' about Angel, placing it as #6 in their 'top 10 worst shows':
This Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off stars David Boreanaz as a centuries-old vampire searching for redemption while fighting evil in Los Angeles. Despite its young target audience, Angel routinely features gory violence and graphic sexual encounters. Scenes frequently involve intense fighting, blood, decapitations, and more. The series also sends a dangerous and irresponsible message to teenage fans by equating violence with sexual excitement. In many scenes, characters become aroused by fighting. For example, in one episode, Lilah bites Wesley’s ear and shoves him to the floor. After a bit of rough foreplay, she and Wesley are lying on the floor together. Wesley’s head moves out of the frame toward her legs. She smiles with pleasure and breathes heavily, suggesting that he is performing oral sex on her.
The fact that Lilath and Wesley's relationship was constructed as an extremely dark place for both characters, with Wesley being almost permanently plagued by concerns about its depth seems lost on these 'high moral' parents. I suspect the 9pm US timeslot (and 10.30 one in Australia) may also point to the fact that it's not aimed at kids, but rather, young adults (and yes, there is actually a difference!).


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