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Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Bad Life Imitates Good Art?!?

Science Fiction Weekly reports:
Jennifer Garner, star of ABC's spy drama Alias, told The Hollywood Reporter that she has been asked to contribute to an official video promoting the real Central Intelligence Agency. "It's not a commercial," she told the trade paper. "It's a recruitment video [to show] university graduate students." Chase Brandon, film industry liaison for the CIA, confirmed that the project was in the works, the trade paper reported. "We very much would like to continue our discussions with Miss Garner and possibly other cast members to work with us on a recruitment video," he said. "We feel that Miss Garner, both in character as agent Sydney Bristow and as herself, embodies the intelligence, enthusiasm and dedication that we're looking for. Our continuing efforts to enlist the best and the brightest would be admirably served by having her support." Garner would provide an introduction to the video that the CIA shows to prospective agents. Producers on Alias worked with Brandon in the early stages of the show, and the writers still occasionally contact him to check facts and details, the trade paper reported.
Hmmm, now the CIA is trying to legitimate itself and build its own iconography through Alias and Jennifer Garner? Will it harm Garner's credibility as a pseudo-spokesperson for the CIA, or simply heighten the show's appeal? I suspect latter until the next big CIA scandal and then, dear readers, perhaps the former ...


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