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Thursday, September 04, 2003
France - 1, Annoying Copy-Protected CD - 0

Australian IT reports that the French courts have ruled that copyprotected CDs which, among other things, can't be read on a number of "normal" CD players, are faulty goods and must be fixed or replaced. The report:
A French court has ruled that music compact discs which include functions to prevent copying amount to faulty goods and that buyers must be reimbursed. The court made its decision on Tuesday on the basis of a CD produced by EMI France of a song by the French singer Alain Suchon entitled "J'veux du live" (I want it live).
Now it is legal in France to backup music you already own! (I trust you're paying attention Australian users! :)

More Critical Microsoft Fixes

Microsoft have just put out a press release which details five more important security flaws in everything from Windows (in almost every incarnation) to various versions of Office (as far back as 97 all the way through) and the ever-problematic visual basic. Read the report here, and you'll probably need to follow the links to bug fixes if you're running pretty much anything Microsoftish. *sigh*


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