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Saturday, September 13, 2003
The Blogging of Everyday Life

The New York Times anecdotally reports on the further use of blogs by those who would ordinarily not have the opportunity to become bigger voices in the world of (US) politics:
Six years ago, when Reva Renee Renz was waiting on tables at a bar in Southern California, she knew little about politics. But a few times a week on a blackboard next to the daily drink specials, she recalls, she wrote short rants about whatever was on her mind: a problem in the city, or a new ordinance that she thought unfair. Her messages won her a steady following. Ms. Renz is still serving up opinions, but now she is reaching a wider audience. She has begun an online chronicle of her thoughts and activities in a Web log, or blog. And lately she has found an endless source of material: her campaign for governor.
The Blog is rapidly becoming a central and very 'vocal' tool in the world of politics, at least for the US. Fund raising is being done on the back of Blogs which show real insight and care on the candidates part, and I suspect soon we can expect to see some Australians cottoning on ... (maybe; the cultural lag time can be quite large) ...


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