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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Mum, Where do Shared Files Come From?

The New York Times features an article today, New Parent-to-Child Chat: Do You Download Music? The rundown is simple: with 261 lawsuits lauched by the Recording Industry Association of America against "average downloaders", parents are suddenly becoming aware that their children are going to be sued and are getting concerned. And from the mouths of the young:
Explaining the boundaries of copyright law may prove more difficult for some parents than explaining where babies come from. One woman who received a subpoena from the record industry association said she had struggled to explain to her 13-year-old son, who likes to write songs, why file sharing was wrong. "I said, `Suppose you wrote a song and a famous rock group sang it and you didn't get paid,' " said the mother. "He said `I wouldn't care, that would be awesome.' They're just still in that young age where money doesn't matter."
And that 13 year old is right to be confused: why are America's record labels suing potential customers rather than trying to woo them back with a service like the brilliant Apple iTunes? Because they're very, very silly ...


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