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More From Blogger?

Thursday, May 12, 2005
According to PC World, Google are looking at some additions to Blogger that could be very useful:
Google is contemplating various improvements to its popular Blogger Web logging service, including native image uploading and deeper integration with the company's Gmail Web-mail service, according to a Google executive.

Google is also considering the creation of an enterprise Blogger version, as well as letting users limit access to their blogs by creating private groups, said Biz Stone, Blogger senior specialist.
Native image uploading inside Blogger (rather than using Hello) is a fantastic idea, as is adding the possibility to make private (ie access controlled) blog posts. I'm not sure how successful an enterprise version would be since other blog-platforms already perform these functions more than adequately, but who knows what Google might come up with. However, I still see no indication of native use of categories in Blogger ... please Google, add the possibility to use categories from within the Bloggger platform!!


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