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AFTRS WA Viral Marketing/Podcasting/Mobile Content Seminars

Monday, August 21, 2006
This upcoming AFTRS event may be of interest of WA folk, espcially media/communications students ...

Keren Flavell is one of this country's leaders in new forms of digital marketing and mobile content production.

She is an award-winning producer with over 12 years experience in interactive media production, documentary, radio and print, taking projects from conception through to production to sales and distribution.

Keren will present 3 events (One of which is free) at the WA Innovation Centre

1 Viral Marketing - What it is & How to get started. (Friday Sept. 8th-6pm to 8pm ) FREE

2 Podcasting: new technologies of digital distribution (Saturday Sept. 9th, 9.30am to1pm )

3 Developing Content for Mobile Phones (Saturday September 9th, 2pm to 5.30pm)


1 Viral Marketing - What it is & How to get started?
Friday September 8th-6pm to 8pm
Networking opportunity after.

There has always been Word of Mouth to spread ideas and information. But now Word of Mouth has become turbo charged.

People are spending more time online, building identities and global communities. The question is "how can you harness the vastness of these connections to so many people, and turn them into commercial opportunities?"

This AFTRS Strategic Lecture will explain what Viral Marketing is, and the outline the key advantages of viral marketing over traditional marketing. The lecture will include a study of a variety of case studies. Hear what the key success factors are that make things viral.

Come along to this FREE AFTRS event.
* To understand the definition and varieties of viral marketing campaigns
* To understand the key success factors that contribute to the success or failure of a campaign
* To be able to seed a viral campaign to ensure it spreads rapidly through a key target audience
* To maximize the potential for success of a viral campaign through effective seeding strategies
* To understand what can go right and wrong with a viral campaign

2 Podcasting: Techniques & Technologies of Digital Distribution
Saturday September 9th
9.30am to 1pm
Fee: $35

The New Oxford American Dictionary declared "podcast" the 2005 Word of the Year. This is an indication of the rapid growth of this new technique to distribute and syndicate digital audio and video files to a global audience.

ABC Radio National is an Australian pioneer of podcasting, and in February 2006 they were averaging 175,000 downloads of their programs every week.

Since Apple launched their video iPod device in October 2005, video podcasting has been on the increase with popular podcasts, such as US-based Rocketboom, achieving up to 200,000 downloads per day. With many popular podcasts now including paid advertising, podcasting is emerging as a way for content producers to find new revenue streams or to increase their global visibility.

This event is an overview of the history of podcasting, and explores how it is now a significant channel for digital content distribution.

Through lectures and demonstrations participants will learn what software and hardware is required to make video and audio podcasts. Keren will cover a range of tips and techniques on how to make them an effective distribution tool, and to ensure your podcasts reach their target audience.

Come to Podcasting
* To understand the techniques and tools of podcasting
* To be able to locate and access video and audio podcasts
* To maximise the online visibility of video and audio podcasts_
* To make creative use of podcasts as a tool of cross media production
* To understand the key technical elements of RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication)

3. Developing Content for Mobile Phones- A Digest
Saturday September 9th
2pm to 5.30pm
Fee: $35

This half day event is an introduction to producing and delivering content for mobile phones.

It is for content creators wanting to understand the issues and opportunities surrounding the mobile platform. It will explore the practicalities of what can be created and how to reach an audience.

Come to Developing Content for Mobile Phones
* To identify the audience, market, and technology drivers of mobile content
* To identify the commercial stakeholders in mobile content and their business models
* To see examples of mobile content that delivers a successful user experience
* To identify aspects of the creation and delivery of a mobile content project
* to devise a basic pitch outline for a made-for-mobile production

Venue: All three events will be at
WA Innovation Centre
Enterprise Unit 3, 11 Brodie Hall Drive, Bentley, WA [free parking]

Profile Keren Flavell

Keren Flavell is an award-winning producer with over 12 years experience in interactive media production, documentary, radio and print, taking projects from conception through to production to sales and distribution. Presently she is on the Lab3000 steering committee and CEO of mobile entertainment network, OMG.tv. While heading up digital media production company, Springtime Productions, she won the prestigious Gold Hugo Award at the Chicago International Film Festival - Best Entertainment Website for the ABC/Film Victoria Digital Media Fund Accord project Sounds Like Techno.

Keren has been a speaker at events such as the AIMIA conference, AIDC, Adelaide Festival FutureProof, and is a mentor for cross media projects with AFTRS_ Laboratory for Advanced Media Production (LAMP). She hosts a Podcast show called the Mobile Media Show and organizes a monthly networking event for mobile content creators in Melbourne.

Tom Lubin AFTRS WA

Space is limited for all three programs RSVP essential.

RSVP: tom.lubin@aftrs.edu.au For enquiry call 0410 416 799


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