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Friday, September 19, 2003
Google Gets More Competition

While Yahoo! is winding up tests on their own search algorithms (or rather, newly purchased by Yahoo!), it seems that Google will have a second competitor. Australian IT reports:
TECH giant IBM unveiled an advanced new search mechanism capable of extracting minute data from among billions of web pages that it says could become a crucial new revenue source for the firm. The company rolled out the new platform, dubbed WebFountain, while announcing a major deal with top content provider Factiva to exploit and develop the text tracking and retrieval system that it says is revolutionary.
Will Netizens be splashing in the Webfoundation soon? Check here for more details!

International Anti-Spam ...

Australian IT reports:
INTERNATIONAL negotiations have begun on how and whether to manage the internet, along with associated problems such as junk e-mail and pornography. Organisers said a two-week meeting, which began this week, aims to narrow differences among countries ahead of the World Summit on the Information Society in mid-December. The summit, organized by the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union (ITU), seeks common policy on using information technology to create greater prosperity.
Well, spam does increasingly look be annoying the global digital ether, but it's time to be cautious. Once international laws are put in place, the potential for global regulation of the Net in other ways would also become a lot more possible. But, that said, I still hate spam ...


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