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Life as a Digital Archive

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
So much of our commuication is digital, so much of our lives flows via the ones and zeroes of computer code, and yet what does a composit of all of our communication look like? Well, as Jill notes, we're in the process of finding out:
For the month of March, two artists in a long-distance relationship are going to put all their electronic communication online. Phone conversations, emails, IMs, camera phone pics, the lot, it?ll all be online under a Creative Commons licence. IN Network, the performance is called.
So far pictures, smses and podcasts of phone conversations are up, with a whole lot more to follow. No doubt the resulting digital life snapshot will be fascinating not just as art, but as an historical record. I can already see the text of smses being scrutinised by cultural anthropologists ...

Posting it all under a Creative Commons license is interesting (and either brave or stupid depending on how honest they are). I'm not sure if I'd be prepared to give up substantial ownership of the texts of my life.


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