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Sunday, September 21, 2003
Salam Pax ... Super-Blogging-Star (?!)
(or: Swimming Backward Through the Media Flux ... Salam Pax in Print)

The name Salam Pax has been at the tip of the global blogging community's tongue since before the start of the War on Iraq, the (in)famous Baghdad Blogger who knows his Western pop culture and speaks with a digital (blogging) voice read by Netizens across the globe. While Salam still writes what his unique eyes see, things are changing, too. His lastest post narrates:
my life has taken a sharp turn towards the surreal.
it starts with this [The Baghdad Blog].
did you see the promo, it is so scary it freaked me out the first time I saw it. do turn up the volume, the track is by the Aphex Twin and when Intro contacted Warp records they said that they can choose any track they want by the Aphex Twin and it's for free. Warp even has the promo linked from its site.
Then there is the today show on BBC Radio 4 later followed by a web chat.
a radio interview with Late Night Live in *australia*.
A daily telegraph piece (needs registration).
A web page on the Guardian site.
A million other interviews by people who are nice enough to bring me books as presents.

Salam Pax has developed a life of his own, he is not me anymore. and I miss baghdad like hell.
So Salam is feeling a little too artificial for his own good (something which was kind of inevitable given how the West embraced this lone blogging Iraqi voice). All that said, Where is Raed is still a fascinating read and a disturbing look at everyday life from Baghdad (even if Salam isn't always there at the moment). And just to do a reality check: his parents house was "searched" by US soldiers just the last week. Of course, if you're phobic of spending more than an hour or two reading webpages, you really *should* check out the print edition of The Baghdad Blog. Oh, and in case you're interested, the promo for Salam's book is actually quite a neat little production: check it out.


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