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Dr Who Leaked Purposefully?

Friday, March 18, 2005
Wired News is running an article, suggesting that the BBC purposefully leaked the first new Dr Who episode online after getting advice from a group called Broadcast Assassins on viral marketing methods. While the BBC has denied this to be the case, it could very easily be one part of that mammoth organisation not talking to another. Or even a "rogue marketer" from within the production or distribution team. It would certainly track with my earlier speculation.

Update (9.45pm, 24 Mar 05): BBC News reports:
In a statement, BBC Worldwide said: "After a thorough investigation by BBC Worldwide's Canadian broadcast partner, the source of the leak of episode one of the new Doctor Who series has been traced to a third party company in Canada which had an early preview copy for legitimate purposes.

"The individual responsible for the leak has had their employment terminated by that company as a result.

"BBC Worldwide is considering further legal remedies and takes extremely seriously any unlawful copying or misuse of its copyright material."
So, I suspect rumours of purposeful leaking are exactly that: rumours.


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