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Land-Mines Vs The US

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Alex Halavais notes that an amazingly effective TV ad has been made encouraging the banning of land-mines, but no US TV stations will run it:

The ad agency The Brooklyn Brothers put together a PSA for the UN anti-landmine campaign. The spot (quicktime) begins with shots of a girls soccer game, aimed squarely at the heart of middle-class Americans. After a goal, one of the girls gets blown up by an unexploded landmine. No one will air it, and although I strongly think it should be aired, I understand the reluctance. On the other hand, how else do you convince most Americans to put aside their callousness?
Why do Americans need to "put aside their callousness"? The US has yet to sign the International Mine Ban Treaty. Australia, thankfully, has signed. More on the US campagin here.

If no US stations will run the ad, I imagine it would make a very effective viral campaign.


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